Different Avenues to Reach YOU

In everything I read, they advise you have other streams of income made from your art.  Well, A week ago I found Redbubble.  You simply download your image and adjust the image on the items and select which items you want to sell.  I go so excited that one of my black and white painting absolutely looked fabulous….


So I continued to add more images.   This image has been my brand image but I have to say it looks awesome as a mini skirt, along with other stuff.


I hope my friend who bought this painting doesnt mind but I added this to the collection.  The painting is called RUNWAY.  I love mini skirts!  and this looks good as a mini but also as a dress but even if you need to change up you bedroom or livingroom….check out the pillow. (it surprised me)



I will not bore you any longer.  Check out which of my artworks is part of this collection   https://www.redbubble.com/people/shygirlart?ref=artist_title_name&asc=u

Keep Smiling


Studio …. Looking for space


Well, I have taken the plunge.  I am starting to actively looking for studio space.  I am sent an email to the 1st and the one I want the most, but unfortunately, it is full at the moment.  So, I am going to give it a few months before I send out another email to my second choice.  Why wait?  I figure I can look for some furniture ( from yard sales or thrift shops).  But, also, to just save up a couple of months worth of rent….being prepared is good.

My livingroom is my studio for now….I will miss it when it comes time.  The convenience of a fully stocked kitchen of whatever I want at the moment. I think the most thing I will miss is the big TV and couch, atleast my couch will not have any more paint spots (ssshhh…husband doesnt know until he reads this).   So, for now I am making a list of what to get or looking for: COFFEE MAKER (duh), small table, small couch or comfy chair (reading and relaxing), shelving units, and a small TV.


Really? No way….YES!

On a couple recent paintings I was struggling to figure out what to do for the background.  Some say leave it as is but I couldnt, it just didnt feel right.  While I was sleeping I dreamed the solution!   I dreamed that I took parchment paper and painted the background part.  IT WORKED!  I was so excited and I was able to figure which background I wanted and what color worked best.

With this  new tool, I was able to complete The Piano and the Woman in Gold without messing up and starting over.  So Excited!

So, now I have Parchment and Cling Wrap in my studio!

Stay tuned for the finish paintings.  

Turning daydreams into Goals

Yesterday, me and husband ate at Cock & Bull (he still giggles at the name).  Good eats and beer after a rough day.

Well, in this little community parking is in front of the businesses. Our parking spot was in front of a palates studio that is no longer running.  Which got me thinking, How cool would it be to run my own art store.  While we ate, we talked about it.

Today, I called.  The place is 2 levels.  Upstairs is 1000 sq ft for $975 monthly plus gas & electric.  1st floor (which I would want) is 700 sq feet for $850 monthly plus gas & electric.

So, now I daydream some more.  On the exciting side: buying things for the store, how things will be displayed, meeting new clients, packaging art to go to their new homes, having other artist paintings for sale and handing them a check when it sells, advertising via internet.  On the business side, paying the rent & insurance, advertising via internet.

Time to research on how to make it happen.  If you have any advice, please let me know.

How do you do it?


I am bummed!

A job came about that was very close (just a mile away) and it is an easy job with no responsiblities and no brain power needed…..a great job!

Well, the only thing I didn’t think about was how a job was going to effect my time creating.  I thought after a couple of weeks I would work out the time management part.  It’s been 5 weeks, and I have only sketched a few pieces…..I am very disappointed in me.  I work 5 days a week, 4-5 hours and I am off at 630pm everyday.   Should be plenty of time, I know but I come home, get off my feet (I do a lot of walking) and just want quiet time.  I do pick up a pen/pencil and try to create but I just don’t like what I create….before the job, I like what I created…..this is why I am bummed!

This is my first weekend off and I am trying to firgure my next moves.  I just want to ART, most of the day

Yesterday I daydreamed that I had my own little gallery shop and doing well.  I found a small shop, now to daydream about owning it and doing well.


UGH!!! Where is my candy bar?


Today, I sketched an idea down on paper, then on the plastic covering of the canvas it is gong to be painted on.  But I had a different idea for the steps that were draw…..instead of resketching it on  paper, I thought computer!!!!

Well, I am on the computer and half way thru my laptop locks up!  and then it started flashing like a strobe light at a disco party.  I immediately shut down.

The lesson I learned today is to save multiple times throughout this type of creating on any machine.  And to have a candy bar hidden from everyone incase you lose what your are working on for over 2 hours.



What does “NO Unsolicited Work” mean?

So, yesterday I came across an article that listed the top 10 galleries in Brooklyn.  I know there are so many of these articles.  Today, I decided to check each one of the galleries out and see which one fits my style.  From the list there were 3,  I sent my website for their consideration of the December show.   The other two stated “No Unsolicited Submissions”  ……   I have NO idea what that means.  I told my husband and he explained like if I was musician (like in the movie  Coyote Ugly)    The No Unsolicited Submission means the gallery will not look at your work unless you have representation, like a curator or someone who has connections with that gallery.   I understand but its still a bummer cause I really like these two galleries.  So now, I have made friends (or acquaintances) with the galleries,  the owner, the curators and any employees. This is for any chance of someone seeing my work.

Wish me luck or show my work to any art friends of yours.

Mail a Surprise

Mail “HELLO” to a friend or family member. I promise you, it will brighten their day.

It all started with a photograph of a woman in a fancy dress sitting on a crescent made of flowers.   It was very beautiful.

I thought of replicating it in my style but I got a little detoured.  I sketched the crescent on a 24×24 canvas and painted it yellow.  I added my design and loved it.  Than my muse took over and told me to make monogram notecards.

So, now I am going to design notecards for my next show in August.   If interested, email me.


Making a Plan

I think I am at a point of my art world career that I can make a plan to fit in social media every day.    While I walk, I listen to podcasts about building your art business online.  Well, a great tip is to focus on just 2 social media and once you get good at those, then you can another, and another and you get the picture.    I have chosen to tackle all my social media at once and decide which ones to keep.

First step list my social medias and what there function is:

Shy Girl Art website is my everything.  blog posts, art works to view and buy, its how you can contact me and where I will be showing my art.

Shy Girl Art Blog is to journal my art world career and to share with everyone.

Facebook (Personal)  post what is happening in my personal life and maybe a post about my art world.

Facebook (Shy Girl Art)  art updates and festivals, to show off my art!

Instagram (Shy Girl Art) post art pic updates and do a story (story if a 10 sec video that last 24 hrs)

Twitter (Shy Girl Art and rphotog)  to tweet about art business with pic (always) & retweet others that is of interest and/or informative.  a few personal things is ok.

Pinterest (Rachel Meyer)  I pin my own work and others but Iam starting to find lots of sharing worthy articles about art business

Patreon (Shy Girl Art) is a group of supporters who donate monthly and we gift them with art things.

NewsLetter (Shy Girl Art)  I have not actively acted on this but I have a list of subjects that I would like to share with people who sign up for it.  This is coming!

Second is to list:  Need to prioritize what to post when.

I usually post as soon as possible cause I want EVERYONE to see my art.  I love showing it off.   This one is going to be tough, only because I want to share right away.

Third on the list: If you want more followers you are going to follow others.

So, I have decided to add about 10-15 new followers a day…..this could change over time.

Fourth is to set a time when you can spend about a hour a day to do this.   Here is a BIG TIP!  with some of your social media you can schedule your next posts.  I am learning to do this now, cause I see so much I want to post and share but I have to control myself.


If you have any suggestions or advice, let me know.  I am still working out the kinks!



Want something monthly from Shy Girl Art?


My PATREON is ready to be seen.  What is Patreon?

Patreon is people (I like to call Collectors) who give money to help someone  continue their dream but in return the person gets something called Rewards.

I want to say first, is that I really do want to say to ALL who views or contributes…..THANK YOU!!!

Here is just a few of the Rewards I planned

$1 a month  I will mail a new Notecard & Evelope with my design that you can keep or to send to a friend.

$5 a month  I will mail you 2 designs that you can color.

$10  Curious……

$25  More Curious….


I just cant say it enough……Thank You!