Best doodle ever

granddaughter loves to join me when I doodle. While out she decide to sneak in a doodle in my book.   The best doodle ever!

love her so much!
love her so much!

How crazy is that?

 How crazy is that? Someone wants this as a tattoo.  My art on someone permentantly…..still trying to wrap my brain around it.  Totally exciting!

Who is watching you?

He sits with his headphones on everyday and doesn’t say a word while I draw.  

now back to drawing. Just wanted to share him with you. Enjoy the weekend.


Circles……I can not draw ot trace a circle.  No matter how I try it just doesn’t look good. So it looks like i am going to be hunting for a templet of many circles. Otherwise I will be adding designs to the parts of circles I just don’t like.