The Pregnancy

here she is the 5th figure of The Human Form. This is just a sketch. Tomorrow I work her into ink. OMG……I think she is beautiful. 


a few weeks ago my son challenged me to turn this ugly canvas that has been sprayed with orange and blue (eekk).  I have been sketching my 5th human form of The Human Form Collection (aka The Nude Collection).  Here is the start. Now its time to add my touch of lines and curves.


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Soulmates or The Couple

i love the way this turned out but in keeping up with the theme (doodles making up the human form) I am not sure I can do that to this. I absolutely love it the way it is. It’s bad enough I have to scan and turn it into black and white. Maybe I will be totally surprise and it comes great. Fingers crossed. Enjoy the original before I scan it.

thinking I should name it SOULMATE vs THE COUPLE
thinking I should name it SOULMATE vs THE COUPLE

What kind of art do I do?

I have been asked “What kind of art do I do?” many times but I had NO idea.  I had no idea what to tell them.  So, yesterday I found it!   I started by looking up abstract images and then (Thank you Bing search engine)  in subcategories listed was Line and BOOM! Other peoples art were like MINE.  It made me happy that I have a name for my type of art but it also made me a little sad that mine is not so unique.  I should not be surprise right?  Oh well, I am off to create my unique ABSTRACT LINE ART.  maybe you will see it in a gallery near you.  

2 a.m.

hubby and his siblings are playing D&D. I prefer to sleep except today. I did this 

i thought I was going to draw a tree…….well I got the branches. 

Finally found it

I have been struggling to fill The Obese Naked woman. I have trace and filled and threw away the paper. It took a while pad of paper (70 pages).  So here isthe start of it. Enjoy

Naked & Obese 
Naked & Obese