Mini series

As I am new to sketching and proud that items are looking like they are suppose to, I thought of a mini series to do as a practice.  Will be heading to store to get 3×3 canvases and i will be sketching different faces (only eyes, nose and mouth) and then painting them.  This is my 1st actual sketch of a face and what started the mini series idea. 

My 1st sketched face and the inspiration.
My 1st sketched face and the inspiration.

below is the idea in a 3×3 square. Her eyes are closed with eye shadow on. I think she is rather pretty. 

Just Couldn’t let go

This is the almost final product.  I’m going to add red lips to complete it. This was suppose to be the front view of a pregnant woman but that was better in my head than on canvas.  

I am so in love with this one.   I hope you enjoy it too. 

Why? Thoughts are welcomed

this is what came of the epic fail pic. I feel like it is done (except maybe hair) but i have no idea why…..its all in the gut. Any thoughts


OMG……great idea in my head but not so great on canvas. Scrapping the canvas now to make it happen on paper.

time to clean the sketch up and do my magic. 
time to clean the sketch up and do my magic. 

Bed is comfy today

Pregnant up front
Pregnant up front

I desided that the bed is too comfy to leave. I brought my coffee and painting supplies to the bed and now I am going to touch her upbefore adding my touch to her.  

Coming to life on canvas

She was only suppose to be a print but my gut is telling me to paint her.  She is gping to be on a black canvas and she will be grey and then she filled with lines and curves.  So excited!