Sometime you just

Have to sketch it out to work its way out. I have been toying with this idea but just havent figured out what is special about this city and bridge.  Well, back to adding my special touch.   Enjoy the week!

Planning is Good

the layout
the layout

After meeting my 1st art friend Denise Adams at Pendleton Art Center, I made it a goal to show my work there….some how.  Keeping in touch with Denise, she informed me that Jeanine Broderick is looking to rent out some space. Guess what…….I am showing my work at Studios 510 Pendleton Art Center during their Final Friday art walk next weekend.  I am still so excited and I wanted to be totally prepared. Cause that is the 1 thing I learned from the past exhibit is to be prepared, not just by having the right tools but to have a plan for the layout of your paintings….to make it more appealing verses chaotic (which I do very well).  So I have my tools and my layout……see you Monday Jeanine. Cant wait to finally meet. 

Mental Health Awareness entry

Mental disorder is invisable. Even beautiful things can hind what is really happening inside. If you need help or just a hug, reach out to someone. 

I am planning to turn this into a painting for May’s entry to The Red Door Project.  



Frames to fill

Frames to fill…..well I bought a bunch of different size frames at the thrift store. Nothing over $3 a pieces. Well, thinking I need to replace  the pictures with my art. I came across a roll of drawing paper on clearance at Michael’s plus a 20% off coupon for total purchase which includes clearance items….yippee….I got this roll for $5 for 42″ wide and 10 feet long.  Made me happy.  I sketched my 1st “Frame to fill in art” can’t wait to see it in a square metal frame

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When You Pick up a pen…..

And draw a blank and just dint know what to draw.  Today is that day again. It started with a circle and then I add a tail….now it looks like a flower ……and then I just kept adding and decorated them differently….and a cool background of thin lines.  

enjoy your monday while I spend mine time in the garden