My Very 1st Festival, how do I prepare?

If you are new to festivals/fairs and you have no one to ask questions about them or what to expect and prepare for You have stumbled upon the right blog post.

Here is what you should have to start off:  check your weather but be totally prepared for any!

Canopy, I have 10×10 and its a cheap from Walmart about $80.  We are not made of money, so we thought we will make this work and buy a better one later.

Weights: this is something we did NOT know and found out that it is important.  Now, you can do what we did and that is use actual weight plates from the gym. I recommend 20lbs on each leg of the tent.  If the legs can fit into the whole of the plate that is good otherwise find a way to have them hang down from the top of the legs and tie it around the leg. OR, DIY weights.  get 4″ PVC pipes and caps, you want to fill it with sand or cement….also, make sure to insert eyelet screws on both ends.  You can hang down near the bottom of the legs.

Tables:  are good,have your paintings standing up so the people don’t have to bend over to see them. Make sure you have a cover to conceal whatever you have under the table. Such as extra items for sale, your purse, cooler….so you are not wasting money buying from the food truck and any extra stuff like bags to send your item home in or wrapping to keep product protected.

2 Easels: great way to catch the people eyes before they get to your booth. You want to set them up at the corners in front.

Sides of the tent: you will see more experienced artist with propanels (which a bit expensive) but I choose peg boards, which I painted one side black and the other red (these colors make my artwork POP) and its cheaper and it you can still hang paintings on both sides. You can use thick string or zip ties (leave room to cut when item is purchased, so it doesn’t damage painting….that would not be good).  Note: if it rains, what are you going to use to cover your artwork.  I can only suggest (but have not tried)  maybe a clear shower curtain for each panel.  you will have to figure out how to hang the shower curtain before your event. Make sure to secure the sides so it doesn’t fly away…so maybe take some string and tie it around the panels in at least 2 different areas.  Also, just to make your tent pretty….sheer curtains.  Take 2 panels, 1 on each side of the leg and simply take a pretty ribbon to tie the curtains and leg together.  This also hides any weights hanging from the leg.  Presentation of your tent is always good to remember too.

Note: make sure to anchor everything down including your paintings and prints.  Your prints should be in a bin that people have easy access to flip thru (I still need to get that).

Note: make yourself an ART BAG to go.  I have business cards & holder, variety of hooks, wires, fasteners, hammer, scissors, box cutter, tape, pens, markers, vareity of price tags

Note: Last minute take alongs: 2 battery supply sources for your cell phone.  if your selling lots, you will need.  take at the lease $50 in $5s, to make change easily.  Your prices should be in whole numbers to make sales quick and easy.

And introduce yourself and make friends.  It’s really nice to see them at other venues.

Enjoy! hope this helps get you started.

Brooding to Happy

Today is a gloom day. The forecast is cloudy with a really bad storm late tonight. I will be staying aeake til that is over, better get some beer and a horror movie.  

Well, there are those days where you draw and draw and realize none of these things are working together. So now you have simple designs. After some hours of brooding over not being able to come up the some artwork, you suddenly realize you do have artwork…..MINIMAL ARTWORK.  Never thought of it before but it works. And I am very happy. Now whenever I am in a pouting mood I just turn my art into MINIMAL ARTWORK.  Enjoy the 1st in a new series.

Blue thoughts
Blue thoughts

great thing is I can create these on the computer (after sketching) and load them to my website and if anyone wants to commission me to paint it, the collector can decide the base colore and size of canvas.  

Just love it when

Just love it when you have a good idea and it comes out GREAT. 

As I sit at my art desk each and everymorning, I never thought about drawing the neighbor’s tree. Well, I started 3 days ago. As I drew I thought what can I add to make it really cool……BAM! Thought summer fun as a kid….kids love climbing trees. And at that point I thought all I wanted to show was feet.  So, I got the tree, feet, the ground completed…..but still thought something was missing……  Questioned, how did the kid get there…..BIKE. But like the feet I didnt want the whole thing showing……so the back half of the bike was good.    Now I am very happy with the drawing.  Will be getting prints of this!


1st sketch

Yesterday I sat at my desk and really looked out the window. The most simpliest thing finally stood out and now I am making it into my own style……lots of lines. Even thou I am not telling what that item is, I did sketch a piece I am going to add to it.  I am very excited to continue and can’t wait to finish. So ponder what I might do with this sketch……leave your guess if you dare.

Twin Peaks binge watching

I love to have a series on while I create art. My heard rarely comes yo to watch the tv but as long as I can hear and know who ia who, I am good.  

This time I am binge Twin Peaks from 1990. I enjoyed it the 1st time. Seems like I am enjoying it this time too. 

I am hoping to fill this whole page before the 5th episode.

2 more bridge city sketches.

I really need to buy some huge canvases and start putting these on canvases.   

need to add city buildings in the background.
need to add city buildings in the background.