Sold my 1st print

I am so excited that the 1st print of HELLO will be hanging in someone’s home. With it being the 1st big canvas painting I did, it holds a special place in my heart. But, I am coming to terms that the painting or copy of the painting is making someone very happy, which makes me smile even more.


So, now I want to create more art to make more people smile.

I guess the next hurdle will be when someone buys the actual large painting itself. I am slowly getting ready for that day.

Til then, keep liking and sharing my art.

Much love to you all who support me

More than just a tattoo….!

I have only been actually been calling myself an ARTIST and selling my art for about a year.  Well, my sister in law was looking for another tattoo and I jokingly said I would draw her one.  In my mind, it would be a good challenge to do while thinking she will never put that on her skin.  She sent a picture of what she wanted.  It’s a normal tattoo, a  couple of bloomed roses on a doilie.  Well, I have never drawn a rose…let alone a bloomed rose with petals.  I just could not wrap my head around how the petals worked. Four weeks later, YES! 4 weeks later….it hit me hard in the middle of my sleep.  You know I had to get up and draw it…..SUCCESS!!! I did it and she LOVE LOVE LOVES it.   (without the doilie!)rose

FYI: this is just the 1st design for her sleeve tattoo…..I am so happy cause now I feel that I can succeed in being an ARTIST.   Next, stop …..planning a gallery showing outside of my home state, OHIO.


Note Cards….

Hello Everyone!  I just spent half the day making NOTE CARDS.  It is really cool to see my art on something that can be useful for inviting family and friends to a party.

There are 4 designs currently.  I left the insides blank so you can give it your personal touch.  The envelope is coordinates with the invitation.

Goldie the Flapper


Flowers in a vase


Pregnant woman’s mechanics