Thank you Family & Friends!

Dear Family and Friends

You have made 2016  a great year for me.  As I weep (good weeping) over my many successful goals this year , I think about the people who have supported me.

I have come a long way in such a small amount of time.  And now,as I am making plans for 2017, I really have to say to all my FAMILY &  FRIENDS , my SUPPORTERS,    THANK YOU!  It’s been a wild and exciting journey.  I still can’t believe I have done so much and with success.

Hope you stick around, to see what will happen in 2017.

2017 ‘s 1st showing already set.   I will be sharing space with my very first art friend Denise Adams.  I am really excited.    We will be showing our art at

Sterling Seraph @ 3425 Princeton Rd in Hamilton, OH


So, stick around and enjoy this crazy wild ride with me.

Thank you all for your love and support!  You will never know how much it really does mean to me.

Keep smiling!




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