Being organized

Just a goal of mine for 2017 is to be organized…..For a week now, after the husband leaves for work and after I make the bed, I lay out what I need to do for the day.

I actually have a hand written calendar.  I  try to immediately write what I need to remember to do like, I need dryer sheets or clean baseboards…..there is so much more. I have 6 canvases that need a wash coat of paint before the actual painting begins.  I have my clothes for the day wear and workout. And a sweater for when I get cold. I have a bag of cashews for grab a snack. And the remote,cause I always need the TV on with something I really don’t need to pay attention to while I work.

I start clearing off the bed after my morning shower and a little house straightening or chores.

Now that I have shored my get organized set up, it’s time for the morning shower.

P.S. the calendar list when I try to get everything started or done….very micromanaging but I don’t fret if I don’t stick with it.   It’s just a guide!

So, fret……have FUN!

1 picture only

today I created this and after looking at it I realized I can split this picture into 7 different canvas pieces and maybe adding a solid color background too.  But not only 7 individual pieces but also keeping the whole picture and making several different sizes.  I love this idea and can’t wait to get started.  1st I need a canvas sale….😀.

Rear Window


Please share and let me know your thoughts.


One of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies is Rear Window.  He looked in on the people and their lives, where I love the movie, I also love looking inside the windows to see how one decorates the home.  Decorating intrigues me, I wonder why they pick the things they do.  What sparks the color choices,  I could go on and on but I will spare you for now.

With this new series, I get to play decorator for that small area seen thru the window.  At this very moment I am wonder if I have taken on a crazy idea and hope to deliver what I have in my head.  I may not work on this series continuously but I do plan to have at least a new window each month….12 by the end of the year.  And if any one is interested, I will sell them individually.

My goal is to make a wall full of simple and interesting rooms.  Just like looking across the court yard in Rear Window.



Goals equal Success


Hey Everyone!

Goals equal Success…..WOW that is a lot for me to think about.  Goals …..things I want to accomplish this year.  So, many things I want to do but now I have to choose if they are the right time to achieve them and if they are going to lead to my version of Success. Which I still have to decide what is my version of Success.  Maybe that is where I need to start.

My husband and I, my family have lived in survival mode for so long, my version of success will seem silly to others.

Success:  the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

  • No longer depending on my husband for money.  We have lived very sparingly since the beginning of our marriage but that we have most of the time opted for the cheapest things.  I want him to enjoy his money
  • Having money in my accounts that is not below$100….this will change when I become more successful
  • Being ASKed to exhibit my work everywhere.
  • Having Collectors of my work.  I actually have someone who does own 3 pieces of my art.  I am so excited!
  • I will tell you my story if you want but we were homeless for about a year+.  We grew from this event but I want to help the organizations that helped us.  I have an idea but I will need help.  I want to help the homeless.   THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.
  • I want to have a vacation home in different locations for different reasons.  Beach home, city home, cabin home,…
  • And CARS…..I have not had the best of luck with cars, but I want to be able to repair them  immediately rather than having to budget it.
  • there is so much more I can put for SUCCESS but I think for the moment these are the important ones


  • Exhibit every month somewhere for the whole month…..So far, January I can be seen at Sterling Seraph in Fairfield, Oh and January and February I am the guest artist at POP Revolution Gallery in Hamilton, Oh.
  • Sales, to sell each month $100 or more.
  • Increase my supplies,
  • To visit more art events
  • To keep up appearance on social media regularly (Facebook, Instagram, and I am adding Twitter)
  • Learn and expand my art.
  • And for me only, regularly exercise and eat a much healthier way.

WOW!  I have so much more.