How do I know “I blew it?”

I feel like I blew my chance at having a design consult firm see my best work.  Yeah, this weekend a design consult firm was hosting an event.  I over thought the theme.  I kept battling myself whether to submit my best eye catching piece or just take my smaller pieces that have no title.  I choose the latter, 2 small pieces.

My 2 small paintings ended up on tables, instead of on easels.  The tables had more photographs in frames vs paintings.

Out of all the lessons, I am learning I think this one is going to take a few days to get over.  I still want this firm to see my work, so the next step is to send my website to them with hopes of some feedback….fingers crossed for good feedback.

Decisions Decisions……

OMY, I have a great opportunity to show my work to a leading consultant firm during a collabration with another event.  I AM TAKING THAT OPPORTUNITY.  I have to decide which 2 (only 2) pieces to show.  I know one that I am taking “HELLO”,  its always catches peoples eye and I have had several people that will stop. They stare and try to figure it out, a gentleman told me that he was “putting the pieces” together.  He was a really interesting man to talk with, he is an engineer and really liked this piece.  This is why I am taking “Hello”.

My second piece I have not decided.  I am thinking it should have some color and my line work with some details that I love to enhance it.  Maybe, something that would look great on a wall over a small table or at the end of a hall/stairwell landing. I am so torn.  Maybe, my beautiful lady or even flower in vase.

I have 12 days to decide.  Opinions are very welcomed.


How much I am believing in ME

Believing in ME and taking another risk.

As I gain little more confident I want more people to see my work.  So this weekend, I submitted my event at POP Revolution Gallery in Hamilton, OH to be added to a couple of local papers calendars.  WOW, that just makes my stomach knot up…..there is a reason why I am Shy Girl Art.   The Equirer has already responded and sent me a link to view it….I can’t tell if its an online calendar only or if and I hope will be in the paper as well.  Guess I will have to buy the paper next week.  Next newspaper is The Journal News, this is a local paper where the event is being held at in Hamilton.  Nothing so far, but I will post it on facebook when it happens.

Thinking I want to try a couple more close by newspaper.

Keep smiling with ME.