Who do you ask?

Who do you ask?

Well, for me I really dont have anyone to ask.  I am slowly making art friends but sometimes I feel like I am asking a stupid question or I really dont want to bother them (thinking its a small question) or this or that, there are so many excuses I can find NOT to ask a friend.

Most mornings (when it is not winter weather), I take a walk.  I found a podcast called ARTIST HELPING ARTIST.  I have listened to several of their podcast and really got some good information from them.

At this point you all know I want to show my work at many big city areas, well I thought it was a good I idea to see if AHA (that is what they call the podcast…cute right) had a blog about galleries.  No surprise, they do!  I am currently listening to “Do Artist Need Galleries”   here is the link   http://www.saetastudio.com/artists-helping-artists/do-artists-need-galleries

I thought this was an interesting list  ” How to find your audience”  http://www.saetastudio.com/artists-helping-artists/how-to-find-your-target-audience-for-your-art

Check out their other topics, I hope it helps you.

Keep smiling

Pssst, I have to share this with you


I have to share this with you
” I heard that Shy Girl is your sister-in-law. She has some really cool pieces on her website and it’s so cool that she blogs about her journey as an artist claiming her talent. Please share with her that I really love the Mechanics of Pregnancy! The piece has been sold but I wanted her to know that someone else in the world really valued that piece.
I am blown away, I am excited, thrilled, feeling appreciated and just plain, so freaking happy.  My goal is to have everyone join me in being happy and to celebrate in whatever makes me SMILE & HUG someone.
 Saying THANK YOU just doesn’t seem like enough and I really do appreciate the kind words and hope to meet you soon.

I just amazed myself

As I sit at my art desk by the window the sun is bright and its 27 degrees out there.  So, I decided to claim this day  to work  on my website….you know updating with new paintings and where my next showing will be at.

The first thing I decided to do was update my inventory list, and I totally amazed myself.   My inventory list tells me that I have created over 100 art pieces….YEAH, 100 PIECES.  That blew me away, thinking I, Rachel Meyer,  created over 100 pieces…..and then the inventory list told me that I sold 1/3 of those art pieces!  1/3 of 100 pieces…..how freakin amazing is that.  Sorry, I am more than over joyed……and now I am looking into getting my art outside of my home town.


If you like my work and want someone to see my stuff,  SHARE SHARE SHARE.  I really do appreciate your help.