Fear has crept in….

5 medium to large canvases sit and wait for me to create on with 5 (I think ) great designs that I have sketched out. But I am afraid to touch the canvas with any paint pen or brush.

Over a year ago,I was looking for studio space at Pendleton Art Center and Judi Parks was just one of three names given to me. She is actually the first person to look at all of my art and after a couple of hours of talking, she called me an ARTIST. She is the first person to call me an ARTIST, and at that time I didnt.  But she was very encouraging about lots of things.  During this conversation she told me of a young gentleman who she guides/mentors and that when he looks at a canvas that he is hesitant to start on his canvas.  I didnt get it then when I was talking to her then, but I am really feeling and understanding it now.

As you know, I most work in black and white with a touch of color.  I am not really sure what I am afraid of, because if I ever make a mistake on a canvas or even in a sketch I dont start over or erase I incorporate these mistakes (haha, I do make them).  I figure it is just a bump and it can be fixed just by incorporating into something unique.

Today, this morning, I am going to talk to myself, encouraging and telling myself that I have a great sketches and I am a good artist.  And if I need more courage, I will remind myself that I have already sold paintings/prints that people really liked.

I am going to move forward on these paintings cause I have to be ready for May’s exhibit at 86 Coffee & Music Venue.

A Different Type of Art

This weekend, I helped my husband and his brother.  They are Monkey Production, they make movies.  I have helped on several movies and really enjoyed it.  I am usually in charge of props, wardrobe, set decoration and if called for it “Blood work” (which is really great and messy…hehehe).

I can’t tell you too much of this weekend’s master piece called “Dolly” but it involved my youngest granddaughter (age 6) and a doll.  I really had fun with this, there was a Tea Party to set up and dress up for.  I didnt have too much to set up for set decoration because it was  done inside my son’s home….where my granddaughter is comfortable.   I wish I  could tell you more, but I think I better stop right here…..sorry!

So, I helped someone else to create their art.  It a great feel to help but also to explore a different art.


P.S.  I highly recommend you keep an eye on these guys.  Watch the trailer of their first feature film “The Legend of Grassman”     (is in post-production) and other shorts, clips and trailers.




Manhattan, New York

Today I posted “Hello” to Art Manhattan, New York. Possibly New York’s first look at my work, thru Facebook. I am  hoping to get more looks at my website but really more looks at this piece.  It’s the first step I am taking to get looks outside of Cincinnati without traveling.   I have been afraid to post to these Facebook sites where other artist post to sell their work.  I feel sad by saying this, but I didn’t want to post my work in fear of someone stealing my work or copying it.  I still fear it but not as much.  At this point, I would hope that I would inspire someone to create their own magical line art.

To Do or Not to Do?

Summer Fun

To DO or not to DO?  I DID IT

I was torn on which painting to donate to CET PBS Action Auction….it happens towards the end of the month.  I have been going back and forth between “Summer Fun (mini, below)” or the original “Summer Fun”.

Funny thing, any time I chose the mini one, something would happen or get in the way of me not being able to deliver it.  But late last week (Thursday) I put my foot down and told myself that the original Summer Fun is being donated.    After that I felt so good and so excited to know that it is going to be in someone’s home.

The first time I showed this painting at a fair, I got the best compliment ever.  A woman was heading home and my booth was very close to the end.  She said “That is the most original idea I have seen in the whole fair”    Of course I Thanked her and chatted a little be longer before she left.  But I didnt want to look like a crazy person but I was jumping up and down in my skin, that is how thrilled I was the entire time.

Now, I am just a bit (maybe a little bit more than a bit) sad that it will no longer belong to me or see it every day but it does give me joy that someone else it going to enjoy it .

So, people of the great world, be sure to watch for more blogs and like my facebook to know when CET PBS will have their Action Auction.  Be sure to bid on it and know that it goes to a good cause and that I truly enjoyed making this piece.