Want something monthly from Shy Girl Art?


My PATREON is ready to be seen.  What is Patreon?

Patreon is people (I like to call Collectors) who give money to help someone  continue their dream but in return the person gets something called Rewards.

I want to say first, is that I really do want to say to ALL who views or contributes…..THANK YOU!!!

Here is just a few of the Rewards I planned

$1 a month  I will mail a new Notecard & Evelope with my design that you can keep or to send to a friend.

$5 a month  I will mail you 2 designs that you can color.

$10  Curious……

$25  More Curious….


I just cant say it enough……Thank You!






Patreon….do or not?

After several days of looking into Patreon, I decided to try it.  My goal is to get more people looking at my artwork and keeping them.

What is Patreon?  It’s a place where you (the supporter, also known as PATRON, to me YOU are a COLLECTOR) can give money in support of some sort of art.  But, depending on who you want to support, you may get some type of reward.  Example:  If you support me by giving $1 a month,  I  mail you Notecard with one of my design and envelope.  You can use this or keep it.

Currently, I have 5 different Reward tiers monthy to choose from but I also have 2 One Time Rewards.   I am excited about this.  The reward tiers are reasonable but I am looking forward to mailing out the rewards to the supporters.    I  have the first 5 notecards already designed.

I will post a link to my Patreon on the next blog post.  Keep watching!



Can it really happen?

I am starting to price it all out and if I can swing it, you will be invited to my 50th Birthday Party.  I am so not a social butterfly but on this day I dont want to be pointed out or put on display.  I just want people to mingle and casually give me hugs, say Happy Birthday but mostly enjoy some wine and finger food.

The space will be decorated with my art on the walls, easels, and tables.  (buying is good but not the goal)  Here is the crazy part, I want a bed in the middle of this space for me (and husband of course) to stay the night.   I am not sure I would be able to sleep, considering I get weirded out in unknown places.

So, in a nut shell,  I want to have a solo show and sleep in an art gallery….among my paintings.

If this happens and you are in Cincinnati, OH……looking for your invitation!