Really? No way….YES!

On a couple recent paintings I was struggling to figure out what to do for the background.  Some say leave it as is but I couldnt, it just didnt feel right.  While I was sleeping I dreamed the solution!   I dreamed that I took parchment paper and painted the background part.  IT WORKED!  I was so excited and I was able to figure which background I wanted and what color worked best.

With this  new tool, I was able to complete The Piano and the Woman in Gold without messing up and starting over.  So Excited!

So, now I have Parchment and Cling Wrap in my studio!

Stay tuned for the finish paintings.  

Ending 2017 Begins 2018

Yeah, goodbye 2017. 

I am chalking 2017 up to My Big Loss.  Reason, I didnt trust in me enough to venture past my front door. So many opportunities lost that was within reach. 

I did have a personal win this year. Its small but great.  I was told that I inspire people to continue their art or to pick up a pencil and sketch book after years of not doing it. A win for all. 

2018 Begins. I will be challenging myself to take more risk to get my art in and outside of Ohio. 

At the end of 2017, new dreams and goals were sparked. Time to research how to make them REAL.  

Remember 2 things :  1. Live in the moment, enjoy the downs and the ups. 2. Most important, Trust in YOU, you can do it