Expanding my Art Skills…..Oh boy!

I decided that I want to expand my art skills. To have a more realistic elements (facial features to start). After serveral sketches like this (which I know is trying) I know I need to improve, plus I get to learn new skills.

So, I am going thru Udemy which only cost me $12 but there is a lot of classes and they seemed to be broken down into do able classes. The class is called The Ultimate Drawing Course, Beginner to Advanced.

  • Chapters are
  • How to draw an eye
  • Line Fundamentals
  • Shape and form fundamental
  • How to use Value and Contrast
  • Space and Perspective
  • Still Life Drawing
  • Creating Texture
  • Drawing the Human Face
  • Drawing the Human Figure
  • Drawing Animation Styled Art

Here is the 1st drawing, an eye. He ask that you draw an eye first while he is explaining and drawing it too. It is suppose to show how much better you have gotten after this course. I have already seen some improvements, I am so happy and look forward to the next chapters. Stay with me and enjoy this journey. Next week (Wednesday) , I should have 20 sketches of just objects. Fingers crossed.