I love mistakes!

When it comes to drawing or painting you thin\nk you would be upset. Not me. I try (really try) to see it as a good thing and try to work it in. Example. I have drawing that I think is really pretty and thought it would look great as a painting. (Been doing a lot of white on black outlinings) Here is the drawing and the start of the painting. So far so go, right!I thought this should be easy, it’s already drawn out with nothing to think about. Well, I had PROBLEMS. Sometimes, I really wonder if I am a one hit one wonder like singers. Well, start with the one eye….just one freakin eye. I didnt have to worry about them matching. No I just couldnt get it to look right. At first it was too small, so I made it a liitle bigger still not big enough. I repeated this twice….now when I added lashes and brow it is too big. Now what am I suppose to do. Obviously, cover up and try again….yes I did do that. Now, it just didnt look good at all. As an artist, you are suppose to step back and view your work….I did and thought, nope let it go and work on the lips! I ignore the eye while I messes with the lips. OMY! The lips were a nightmare. 1st, they took up the whole bottom halh of the chin. The second time, I decided to use a different tool, chalk to make it easier to sketch….forgot to tell you, I apparently cant draw anything even. My mouth was tilted up on one side…ggrrr. Well, back to chalk….not a good idea. The chalk made the lines very wide….making the lips BIG. 3rd time, I found a white colored pencil. I thought, I got this now! And I did! But now I have to paint it. I dont have a steady hand but do ok. So now, I paint in the lips and oh no not again….it just doesnt look good. Time to step back. So now, I hang the painting up in the hall and take 10 paces back and 3 steps forward….eyesight, you know what I am talking about. I move the painting to my bedroom, cause now I am goung to bed and hopefully figure what to do. The next morning, after chores and breakfast I grab me another cup of coffee and back to the hall I stand…..BAM! For the eye. I will turn it into sunglassses. And for the lips, I just need an outline of the mouth. So here is the result. Let me know what you think.Oh yeah, the last little problem was the nose. The dots were to mark the middle, so I can get the mouth correctly. Now most of the time I would have nostrils with a little curve….i tried that and nope just didn’t do it. But the dots, I love. Still gives the idea of a nose just not in your face type.

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