Rachel Meyer

10710958_10202934959517242_5929536517076326876_n3A Filipino born, Cincinnati based artist that in the past year and a half found her artistic direction. She has gone from scribbles that hide in notebooks to being shown and sold at galleries around Cincinnati. With a love of art and creativity since childhood, she has never had the opportunity to pursue the art world until now.

Over the past year and a half Rachel art has gone from doodles, as she refers to them, to beautiful and powerful fine art. Specializing in abstract fine line art, she depicts scenes of great fantasy architectural designs in cityscapes and singular ideas presented in her own way. She has found her style that mixes big bold lines with fine detail and spots of color that complements the black and white theme of the work. With growing courage, confidence and curiosity she continues to explore new ideas, techniques and opportunities that come her way.  She continually grows and improves with each piece and expands beyond what she thought she was capable of. Rachel hopes that they connect to people either personally, aesthetically or both.  

Naturally shy discussing her work, hence the name “Shy Girl Art”, Rachel has grown in countless ways thanks to art. Development personally and creatively Rachel attributes experiences with other artist and viewers to her growing body of work. She is thankful for the love and support people have shown towards her and is excited for whatever comes next.